What Is The Difference Between Cannabis Tinctures And Cbd Extracts?

Cbd Extracts

The difference between CBD tinctures and extracts can be a little confusing if you don’t understand how tinctures and extracts work, or the differences between them. Sometimes when companies market their products, they use wording and choose phrases that they believe will attract attention. However, in reality, what they are saying means one thing with different words to make it sound more appealing. Keep reading, and you will see how this works.

Cannabis Tinctures

What exactly is a cannabis tincture? We all know that the cannabis plant is a wide variety of plants that have cannabinoids present within them. CBD tinctures are made from hemp plants that are harvested for industrial hemp purposes; however, marijuana plants can be harvested and have the cannabinoids within them extracted as well. A cannabis tincture is a solution that was extracted out of a cannabis plant by way of distilled alcohol. Depending on the type of cannabis plant that was used in the production of the tincture, will determine the amount of THC that is in the solution.

CBD Extracts

CBD extracts are a type of extraction that specifically targets CBD and not THC. CBD products are usually extracted from industrial hemp farms. There are several different ways to extract cannabinoids from the plant. Since we are talking about tinctures already, we can use this as an example. Alcohol is used as a solvent to separate the cannabinoids in the plant from the plant. First, the hemp plant is harvested and dried out. Next, the hemp is heated in order to activate the CBD within it. Next, the hemp is ground into a powder. Once the hemp is decarboxylated and ground into a powder, it is mixed with distilled alcohol. As the dried hemp sits in the alcohol, all of the cannabinoids, including CBD are drawn out from the plant and become suspended in the alcohol solution. Once the whole process takes place, the remaining solids of the hemp plant are removed from the solution with strainers. What is left is a CBD extract. This type of extract is a CBD tincture because it is extracted by way of alcohol. Whether the CBD is extracted by alcohol, other solvents, or liquid CO2, the end result is a CBD extract.

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Although THC and CBD are from the same plant and are closely related, they are different. THC affects the brain in a way that is not fully understood by scientists. THC is the active ingredient In marijuana that causes inebriation. Marijuana is considered to be a psychoactive drug and is heavily regulated in the United States. CBD, on the other hand, does not cause a high and does not cause any psychoactive effects in the human brain. This detail is the factor that has so many states up in arms about what is legal and moral. People believe that CBD can help with problems such as stress or discomfort in humans and animals. CBD enthusiasts around the country are constantly pushing for legislation to lower the strict laws and guidelines that govern the production and use of CBD in America.

High Falls Hemp NY and CBD Tinctures

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