Morning Back Pain: 10 Causes and Treatments

Morning Back Pain: 10 Causes and Treatments

If the lower back hurts after sleep, this is a reason to pay attention to the rigidity of the mattress and the general comfort of the sleeping accessories. There can be several other reasons too like; overweight, inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system.

You should not try to diagnose or choose a treatment yourself. With regular pain, it is recommended to consult a doctor and undergo a comprehensive diagnosis. Based on the results obtained, the specialist will select the appropriate therapy for you.


In most cases, morning pain or stiffness in the lower back is due to natural, physiological causes and tends to self-repair. However, sometimes this can be an indication of a serious health problem that requires immediate correction. To better understand the nature of pain, it is necessary to consult with an experienced and qualified specialist.

Inconvenient Position

An uncomfortable sleeping position is one of the most common causes of lower back pain upon waking. People who use uncomfortable, unsuitable mattresses and pillows to sleep often experience this symptom. Comfort of rest and the right mattress firmness help to cope with this problem.

Muscle Cramps

Many people have an increased tone of certain muscles of the back, caused by stress, improper body position during work, and rest. Muscle spasms can provoke deformation of the spinal column. In the future, it can lead to limited mobility, increased pain, and stiffness in the morning.


Osteochondrosis is a degenerative-dystrophic, chronic, progressive pathological process that causes pain in the lower back and other parts of the spine. At the initial stages, physiotherapy exercises, a course of massage, and physiotherapy can be effective.

Also, B vitamins, pain relievers, and anti-inflammatory drugs are useful.  But misuse or abuse of prescribed drugs can cause complications. Therefore, once the situation gets better, stop using these drugs.

Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is a common cause of back pain. With the progression of the inflammatory process, patients complain of sharp and shooting pain.It also radiates to various parts of the spine.

Intervertebral Hernia

When the nucleus of the intervertebral discs protrudes into the spinal canal, hernias occur. This pathological condition causes disturbances in metabolic processes and blood circulation, accompanied by severe pain in the spine.


Pancreatitis is an inflammatory process that leads to continuous destruction of the pancreas. Enzymes do not enter the duodenum, so the process of self-digestion of the gland itself begins. Enzymes and toxic substances can enter the general bloodstream, provoking adverse reactions from the respiratory system, brain, and cardiovascular system.

A progressive disease can lead to pain in various parts of the spine, including the lumbar. If the cause of the pain is acute pancreatitis, visit a specialist.

Joint Diseases

Spondyloarthritiscauses dehydration of the intervertebral discs and a decrease in the elasticity of the joints. It affects the lumbosacral region, arises as a result of displacement of the intervertebral discs. This leads to increased stress on the facet joints and hyaline cartilage. Pain can occur not only in the lower back but also radiate to the cervical and thoracic regions.

If not treated timely, it can lead to degeneration of cartilaginous tissues and limited mobility. In the course of therapy, doctors use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants. Among the non-drug methods include; courses of physiotherapy, massage, and exercises.

Inflammatory Processes in The Genitourinary System

Inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system, such as cystitis, often cause lower back pain. The symptom appears in the morning, upon waking up, and also during the day. Using anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving drugs to relieve pain will be ineffective.

You may need a course of antibiotics and antimicrobial agents, as well as immunostimulants, drugs to correct microflora. In this case, one cannot do without concomitant consultation with a nephrologist or urologist.


Excess weight puts additional stress on the spine. Over time, there is an erasure of cartilage and a decrease in synovial fluid. Bone structures begin to collapse, and then there are complaints of severe back pain. Overweight people should reconsider their diet and lifestyle. Use orthopedic shoes and sleep equipment to reduce stress on the spine.

Diseases of The Respiratory System

Diseases of the respiratory system negatively affect the functioning of the whole organism. If the cause is associated with exposure to infectious pathogens, then a source of chronic infection appears which reduces immunity. Hypoxia, metabolic disturbances can also be observed, which negatively affects the condition of the spinal column.

Patients with asthma, respiratory failure, inflammatory diseases (pharyngitis, rhinitis, and sinusitis) often tend to complain of back pain. In this case, a targeted effect on the root cause of this symptom is required.


To prevent low back pain after sleep, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Observe sleep hygiene: go to bed no later than 23:00 in a completely dark and cool room
  • Consult an orthopedist to find a suitable mattress.
  • Give preference to moderate physical activity: yoga, stretching, swimming, etc.
  • Contract shower, dry brush massage to activate metabolic processes.
  • Regular massage to reduce muscle tension and remove clamps.
  • Rejection of bad habits: smoking, drinking alcohol, excessively fatty, spicy foods, and simple carbohydrates.
  • Immune system support
  • Eliminating the source of stress
  • Restoring body weight to reduce excess stress on the spine

You also need to monitor your posture, try to walk, and sit with your back straight. Choose the right orthopedic mattress for sleep, not carry heavy bags over your shoulder, and replace them with a backpack, if necessary.

If there is a history of spinal diseases, then it is necessary to be under constant medical supervision and undergo comprehensive diagnostics annually.

Summing Up

There can be several reasons for pain in the lower back. However, sometimes this symptom indicates severe health problem. So visit a doctor and get treated as soon as possible.


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