5 Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Seattle

5 Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Seattle

If you’re looking for a high-class place to live in Seattle, Washington, look no further. In this article, you’ll find information on the top five most expensive neighborhoods to purchase property in Seattle.


By far the most expensive place to live in Seattle is the neighborhood of Broadmoor, a gated community located near the Washington and Madison Park neighborhoods. Broadmoor is home to gorgeous mansion-style homes with prices averaging at over $3 million.

It features the Broadmoor Golf Course and a private Club. It’s only a few miles away from downtown Seattle, so you’ll have great access to downtown as well as to the shopping center located in the nearby Madison Park, and the running trails and wildlife at the bordering Washington Park. It’s quiet, and has an extremely low violent crime rate.


Following at a close second is the Denny-Blaine neighborhood. Denny-Blaine is extremely close to Madison Park; in fact, the two neighborhoods border each other. Because of this, all of the advantages of Madison Park – access to the lakeshores, dining, cinemas, shopping centers, and proximity to downtown Seattle – also apply to Denny-Blaine. It’s also home to Denny Blaine Park, a beautiful, expansive green space right on the shores of Lake Washington. The median home value is roughly $1.9 million.

Madison Park

The third most expensive place in Seattle to purchase property is Madison Park. If you enjoy lakeside views, this neighborhood is likely so expensive because it rests right on the edge of Lake Washington. It’s extremely close to both the city center and the University of Washington. Living in Madison Park allows you to take advantage of both the quiet, expansive suburban neighborhood lifestyle, while also having direct access to Seattle’s downtown nightlife.

Additionally, Madison Park’s shopping centers and restaurants are considered to be some of the city’s best in retail and fine dining. The park itself, located within the neighborhood, draws crowds during the warm seasons where tourists enjoy swimming on the lake’s beaches. The median home value is $1.7 million.


Buy Property in Seattle

Next, Laurelhurst is the fourth most expensive neighborhood in Seattle. The community center of Laurelhurst is actually a city landmark, and definitely worth a trip to see. They have highly rated public schools and low crime levels. Additionally, the neighborhood contains multiple bars, restaurants, and other shopping and dining opportunities. The median home value for this neighborhood is roughly $1.6 million.


Finally, Windermere is the fifth most expensive neighborhood in which to purchase property in Seattle, Washington. This neighborhood is described as being beautiful and high-end, with lots of wide sidewalks and tall, leafy trees. It’s also located right on the bank of Lake Washington, so homeowners can enjoy lakeside views and access to the beach. It is also close to Madison Park and downtown Seattle. The median home value is also roughly $1.6 million.

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