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Piercings, why do teenagers go crazy about them?

A body piercing is exactly as it sounds, a piercing or puncture by a needle that should be penetrating in your body. Sounds painful? Not to a teenager, who goes crazy about it and seems to enjoy it altogether! In today’s modern times, it’s way past being a fad and undeniably has gained widespread popularity. Piercing is more than something fun and new to try out of curiosity, but holds so much more meaning behind its existence.

nose piercingSome people have it on because they instantly transform into the coolest guy or gal in school and among peers. Some wish to look more attractive and elegantly stylish draping their body in the uniqueness of their taste. However, it makes a big difference when it comes to teenagers. As much as they could dreadfully easily get into trouble, they dauntlessly get into all kinds of holes, this time referring to the likes of ear piercings, nose piercings, and can be the lips, eyebrows, belly button, and the most sensitive parts.

Wherever it has been placed, it can simply be a means of a teen expressing oneself in his or her own distinct personal style! The problem is, many people tend to make things complicated and make things worse when all that must be done is understand. Maybe even appreciate something that’s beautiful even if most probably a huge number of parents do not like the way it looks the slightest bit! Now what are we missing here and what exactly do we need to fully comprehend?

Why do teenagers go crazy after piercings?

Consider nose piercings, which may seem just what it implies to anyone, but to a piercing enthusiast goes many different ways. It can be on the nostril, high part, midway at the septum, on the bridge, or an all out piercing from end to end of the nostril. If your teen chooses this, take comfort in the fact that it’s ideal for experimenting which is less painful than other parts pierced, with less likelihood of getting infected. This is only the most common next to ear piercings, which come in various types.

ear piercingEar piercings are so common that it can be overlooked, since the standard lobe pierce can be seen even on baby girls! If you get to discover ear piercing, a whole new perspective will suddenly dawn to you, which is exactly what teenagers have unraveled. It comes in an almost overwhelming variety, including the upper lobe piercing, auricle, inner and outer conch, graduate lobe, ear weaving, helix, forward helix, rook, daith, tragus and anti-tragus, transverse, orbital, snug,and industrial. Surprisingly, each has a place of its own wherein it’s possible to have them all studded with earrings and hoops and sparkling or rounded earrings in a single ear!

Either way and anywhere it goes, teens are smarter nowadays and could even tell you outright that no one has to pierce their body just to belong and feel like it! Believe it or not, they have second thoughts too, and may change their mind when uncertain rather than be pushed or prohibited, only igniting their rebellious side. Some would also warn other teens not to let a friend do it because it can due more harm than good and be far from what they truly desire. With proper guidance, knowledge, acceptance and understanding, they can be guided on what to do and learn from their experiences without having to be the hard way.

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