Merry Christmas 2016 & Happy New Year 2017

Another year passing by, it’s that time of the year to celebrate and cherish, and….for New Year Resolutions. 🙂 Yes yes, I know I haven’t been able to spend much time updating this blog but it doesn’t mean I didn’t accomplish some of my goals from last year. In fact I have been quite busy joggling with my career, family, kids and my passion of fashion.

There are so much to talk about but I on top of all, I promise to deliver more content to my readers. I Love Fitting Room blog will publish regular content as we entering the New Year of 2017, that’s a promise. Oh boy it’s getting close to 2020 already. Isn’t that scary?!

One of the most important things to me this year is the bound between my busband and I continued to grow. Yes it’s so easy for love to fade after getting married especially after many years being together. People bound to take others for granted after a while. However we are all blood and flesh built with emotions. We all feel weak from time and time and need comforts from each other. Those are the opportunies for us to grow our relationships. One of the differences between some failed relations and some thrived ones is whether you still try and whether the other party still appreciate. At least that what my life experiences have been.

Before we got married, my husband Tim used to do a lot of small things to makes me happy, and I in return do too. That habbit stopped for a few years after we got married, him got buried by work and had our daughter Nickie. Now that we are no longer having sleepless nights to care Nickie (good girl), he started doing those small things again, which I really appreciate. Just couple days ago he printed out the following Christmas image and put in my purse to suprise me. That’s so sweet and brightened my whole week. Small things like this relaly make you happy, at least I’m that kind of woman. 🙂 Here’s the digital image in case you want to do the same thing to your loved ones, and thanks for sayingimages for making those original images.

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After just couple of days it’ll be Christmas and I wish you a Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year. Did I tell you I promise to write more content for I Love Fitting Room? 😀 See you next year.

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